Capturing Everyday: Gillian Stevens

Capturing Everyday: Gillian Stevens

Capturing Everyday: Gillian Stevens
As a part of our community campaign, we asked Vancouver-based Photographer Gillian Stevens for insights on capturing moments at home.


I. How do you approach styling your home for photography?

I am somewhat of a minimalist when it comes to furniture and decor. I don't like rooms to feel crowded, and similarly when it comes to photography I am drawn to interiors that have a lot of open space and light. Keeping our own space minimal, and decorated with neutral colours makes me feel calm when I am in it, and when I look at it through my lens as well. I also find that individual pieces stand out more when there is less clutter. I love collecting meaningful things for our home whether it is furniture or home goods, and so it's nice for those things to "be seen".

II. What is your go to camera/device to use when capturing your home?

I shoot with my camera, a 5D Mark IV for any images that are posted on my instagram. For my stories I just use my iPhone. 

III. How do you work with lighting indoors to look natural and bright?

Natural light is key when shooting inside. Photographing near a window will always give you the most natural light possible. Another trick is white walls. They reflect whatever light there is, so if your space doesn't get a ton of natural light, try painting the walls white and it will brighten up the space quite a bit.

IV.  Do you have suggestions or tricks on capturing awkward angles or busy spaces?

Keep your camera level and watch for horizon lines. It immediately detracts from an image if the horizon lines of an image are off, so try and line up your camera (or phone) to be level with your subject for a more balanced image. 

V. How do you approach editing your raw photos?

I edit all my photos in Adobe Lightroom with the VSCO Film software. I have made my own filters with the vsco presets as a base. My inspiration for editing is from vintage photographs and films. I love the slightly desaturated colours, and depth of grain that old photographs have and I love emulating that in my own photos.

All photography by Gillian Stevens.
Gillian Stevens is an editorial photographer based in Vancouver, BC. In addition to capturing her family and curated lifestyle at home, she has worked with creators and brands across a variety of industries. Ranging from artists and entrepreneurs to features in Design Sponge and West Elm, Gillian has a special talent for creating meaningful and unique visual narratives.